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Hosting the Perfect Spring Party

April 20, 2018

Whether it’s a dinner party or a cocktail party, you have to impress your guests so that they can have an unforgettable time welcoming in the Spring. Have a wide array of snacks and drinks ready and don’t forget entertainment! With our helpful tips and tricks, your guests will feel so welcome that they won’t want to leave anytime soon!

As soon as they arrive, welcome your guests with glasses of wine in their very own, personalized wine glasses! Not only will this make them feel special but everyone will feel free to party with ease since there won’t be any mix-ups of wondering whose wine glass is whose!

If you want a fun alternative, serve a cool cocktail in cute, personalized mason jars! They’ll bring a nice country look to your party and will make a great, little gift for your guests to take home! Try this yummy recipe from Town & Country to clink your way into the Spring:

  • 1.75 oz BLOOM gin
  • 0.75 oz rose liqueur
  • 0.33 oz strawberry liqueur
  • 0.33 oz agave nectar (optional)
  • Cucumber

Put the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into a rocks glass or tumbler over ice. Garnish with a cucumber slice.

Don’t forget to layout some snacks for the guests too in order to complement their wine! A great way to display an assortment of snacks is on a beautiful, stylish cutting board. You can provide a beautiful arrangement of cheese, crackers, olives, and cornichons on it!

While everyone is sipping on their drinks, introduce some classic games into the mix. Have a good variety- everything from mancala to chess – to have something for everyone! Play some ping pong while you’re at it with some personalized paddles too.

Whatever the party theme is, with fun, personalized items like wine glasses and games, you and your guests will surely celebrate Spring memorably. Spending time with one another to welcome in the new season will be done right this year with many memories being made at your party!




Occasions & Holidays

Easter Symbols & Traditions Explained

March 22, 2018

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the Easter Bunny and why he delivers decorated eggs? Today we’ll be taking a look at how some Easter symbols and traditions came to be.

It all started with celebrations that took place during the spring equinox. Eostre, the goddess of spring, was honored during these events with symbols such as the egg, rabbit, and chick. We see these three being eaten by the handful during Easter in the form of chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, and everyone’s favorite, Peeps!

Why the Easter egg? The egg is known as one of the most iconic symbols of Easter. It has represented life, rebirth, and even the resurrection of Jesus in the Christian Faith. Due to its significance, eggs were decorated and given to children on Easter. It became traditional in some cultures to mimic the stone being rolled from Jesus’ tomb by rolling the decorated eggs down a hill during Easter. The White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll comes from this tradition.

What many people do not know is that before cacao beans were used to make the chocolate we all know and love today, it was first used in a drink by the Aztecs and Mayans. Following the egg trend, it was customary during Victorian times to gift cardboard eggs covered in satin and filled with goodies such as chocolates during Easter. Lucky for us, chocolate eggs were finally created in Europe by the French and Germans during the 19th century.

Many of us grew up hearing about the legend of the Easter Bunny. What began as stories of rabbits laying eggs in nests and hiding them in gardens spiraled into one of the most popular traditions of today, Easter egg filled baskets. Nowadays people fill up these baskets with Easter eggs, chocolate eggs, and small gifts for children.

During the weeks leading up to Easter, many people decorate their homes with Easter symbols. Personalized Easter and spring gifts such as chocolates, storybooks for children, and home decor are all special ways to show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them. So the next time that you’re gifted a chocolate bunny or eating a chocolate egg, you will know the origin of this holiday’s traditions.

Occasions & Holidays

How the Whole Family Can Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

March 10, 2018

Want to step up your game and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a bang? Whether you are out with your family enjoying the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade or spending time with loved ones at a backyard party, you can enjoy Irish festivities in many fun ways. You’ll be effortlessly welcoming the spring season and hopefully starting new family traditions too!

1. Welcome your guests with Irish flair!

The best way to set the mood for a great St. Patrick’s Day celebration is to welcome your guests warmly. You can do just this with a cool Irish wall sign or a slate plaque! Once your family and friends step up to your door, the party will start as everyone is greeted by this cheery sign.

2. Decorate the house together!

Before any guests show up, the family can additionally work together to adorn the whole house with St. Patrick’s Day decor. If you’re hosting a party at your house, have a cute, holiday-themed doormat greet your guests. Everyone can enjoy a nice barbecue in your backyard while your kids play a nice board game with their friends.

3. Clink to celebrate and drink

Cheer for St. Patrick’s Day along with friends with your very own mug with cold, frosty beer. You can even take the party on the go with a engraved shamrock flask. If you’re staying in and watching the parade from home, prepare some snacks to pair with your drinks and stay cozy on the couch!

4. Save the fun-filled memories forever!

The fun won’t have to end for St. Patrick’s Day. You can frame all the wonderful pictures you took with friends and family and have the memories saved! It’ll definitely be fun and heartwarming to look back on the festivities in the coming years.


However you get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we’re sure you’ll have an incredible time if it’s with friends and family! Of course, fun activities like the ones we suggested will make for even happier memories when looking back. Our personalized gifts and keepsakes will have everyone feeling special, with a little Irish spring to their step!

Occasions & Holidays

5 Back to School Must-Haves

August 15, 2017

September is right around the corner, and you know what that means…back to school! Summer vacation always seems to fly by faster and faster each year. It’s time to say goodbye to summer beach bags and hello to book bags! The beginning of every school year can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. No need to worry, we have you covered for all your back to school needs. Get your school supplies lists ready and check out our 5 must-haves for the new school year…

  1. An Incredible Backpack

A backpack is the back to school essential we all know! We suggest you take yours to the next level by adding personalization to it. Our personalized backpacks are excellent for back to school and will be sure to hold all the books and school supplies you need! With bright colors and a name or initial personalized on it, the backpack will not only be functional, but your kids will go back to school in style!

  1. A Super Cool Pencil Case and Pencils

Keep all your pens, pencils, and highlighters organized with a personalized pencil case! Pencil cases help make sure you never lose anything and are always prepared in the classroom. Want to make your child feel even more special? Include some personalized pencils in their case! With this fantastic combination, others will be jealous of how awesome your kid’s back to school supplies is.

  1. A Neat Notebook

With a personalized notebook we’re sure your kids will keep their notes neat and organized! Pulling this notebook out of their backpack will surely catch some eyes. Your kids will never lose it and will love the fun bright colors on the outside cover!

  1. A Nifty Water Bottle

Stay hydrated throughout the day in style with a personalized water bottle! Perfectly sized to fit in the side pocket of your backpack, this personalized water bottle is a must have for back to school. Not only will it come in handy after recess and during lunch, but it will never be grabbed accidentally. With a cool design and a personal touch, a personalized water bottle is definitely on our school supplies list!

  1. A Terrific Teacher’s Gift

A first impression is everything. Make a good first impression with a small gift for your kid’s teacher on the first day of school! A cute personalized clipboard would be a great way to break the ice, and show how excited your kid is to begin the new year with their teacher. We can guarantee this personalized gift will put a smile on your teachers face each time they use it!

Take our tips and add a little bit of personalization in to your school supplies to make this school year the best one yet! With plenty of designs and options to choose from the possibilities are endless. Why not go back to school in style!

Occasions & Holidays

Have a Fun-Filled 4th of July

June 25, 2017

We can’t believe Independence Day is right around the corner! June flew by way too fast! With beautiful weather upon us how are you choosing to celebrate July 4th? We think the best way to get your party on is by rounding up some good friends, good drinks, and firing up the barbecue! Keep it simple and follow our helpful tips to kick off the summer right and host the best red, white and blue party around…

  1. Get outside and turn that BBQ on! You waited all winter for BBQ season to come back and now is your chance to get back out there and fire up the grill. Do it in style with our Personalized Grilling Tool Set. We know you’re going to love it and what better way to impress your friends then with a customized grill set! Even after your party is over this personalized tool set is perfect for on the go. Tailgate parties…check! Friends BBQ….check!


  1. Set the scene with some games. Below are some of our favorite outdoor games to get everyone up and moving this 4th of July!

Corn Hole:

This game involves players taking turns throwing bean bags at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. A bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point. Play continues until a team or player reaches (or exceeds) the score of 21.

Kan Jam:

Each player stands behind a Goal to throw Disc. You alternate throws in equal turns to score points. The object of the game is to score points by throwing and deflecting the flying disc and hitting or entering the goal. The game ends when a team scores exactly 21 points.

Red, White, and Blue Tag:

Give each competitor one token of each color. When the whistle blows, the game starts! Challenge players to be the first to gather one red, one white, and one blue token by tagging other players.  This game is perfect outdoor fun for young kids or adults.

These games are not only easy to set up, but they’re great ways to get your guests on their feet and interacting! Want to take these up a notch? Get some fun and festive prizes for the winner of each game.

A Must-Try Burger Recipe That’s Grilled to Perfection With Caramelized Onions and Cranberry Relish

  1. Make sure the food is on point! Your guests will love classic hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner so you can’t go wrong. If you are feeling adventurous, check out this recipe for a Caramelized Onion Relish Burger on our sister brand, Harry and David’s, blog! Load up on the condiments including ketchup, mustard and pickles are you’re ready for a lunch.                                                                                                                                                                
  2. Presentation is everything even if your drink of choice is an iced tea or soda. With our Personalized Mason Jars, you not only stay cool but look cool as you sip away the day! For the adults at the party our Red, White and Blue Pina Colada’s make the perfect cocktail. Serve them up with a festive drink umbrella in one of our personalized mason jars and watch your guests go crazy!


  • 3 Oz. (2 shots) of Rum
  • 3 Oz. (2 shots) of Blue Curacao
  • 6 Oz. Pineapple Juice
  • 5 Oz. Cream of Coconut
  • 1 C. Fresh or Frozen Strawberries
  • 2 C. Ice


  1. Add Rum, Pineapple Juice and Cream of Coconut and Ice to a blender.
  2. Blend until Smooth.
  3. Pour around ⅔ of the mixture into a separate container; leaving the rest in the blender.
  4. Add Strawberries to remaining mixture in blender; blend until smooth.
  5. Pour Strawberry mixture into drinking glasses, slowly pour ⅓ of the reserved Pina Colada mixture into the drinking glasses.
  6. Add the remaining reserved mixture and Blue Curacao into the blender; blend until combined.
  7. Slowly pour the blue mixture into the drinking glasses.
  8. Enjoy!

  1. As for decorations go, this is your time to be as creative as you want. We have a whole board dedicated to the Fourth of July on our Pinterest page! Check out some of these awesome ideas that will be sure to light up the night and show off your patriotic pride.

Have a Happy 4th of July from all of us at Personalization Universe!

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