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How the Whole Family Can Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

March 10, 2018

Want to step up your game and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a bang? Whether you are out with your family enjoying the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade or spending time with loved ones at a backyard party, you can enjoy Irish festivities in many fun ways. You’ll be effortlessly welcoming the spring season and hopefully starting new family traditions too!

1. Welcome your guests with Irish flair!

The best way to set the mood for a great St. Patrick’s Day celebration is to welcome your guests warmly. You can do just this with a cool Irish wall sign or a slate plaque! Once your family and friends step up to your door, the party will start as everyone is greeted by this cheery sign.

2. Decorate the house together!

Before any guests show up, the family can additionally work together to adorn the whole house with St. Patrick’s Day decor. If you’re hosting a party at your house, have a cute, holiday-themed doormat greet your guests. Everyone can enjoy a nice barbecue in your backyard while your kids play a nice board game with their friends.

3. Clink to celebrate and drink

Cheer for St. Patrick’s Day along with friends with your very own mug with cold, frosty beer. You can even take the party on the go with a engraved shamrock flask. If you’re staying in and watching the parade from home, prepare some snacks to pair with your drinks and stay cozy on the couch!

4. Save the fun-filled memories forever!

The fun won’t have to end for St. Patrick’s Day. You can frame all the wonderful pictures you took with friends and family and have the memories saved! It’ll definitely be fun and heartwarming to look back on the festivities in the coming years.


However you get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we’re sure you’ll have an incredible time if it’s with friends and family! Of course, fun activities like the ones we suggested will make for even happier memories when looking back. Our personalized gifts and keepsakes will have everyone feeling special, with a little Irish spring to their step!

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