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How to Take the Perfect Instagram Every Time

April 1, 2017

Now we all love snapping photos for Instagram, but are you a pro? Whether it be a guilt free selfie, a beautiful sunset, or lunch, obtaining the perfect Instagram can sometimes be a little tricky. So we have gathered a list of top tips for taking that perfect Instagram.

  1. Do not use Instagram to take the photo!

Taking a photo on the Instagram app restricts you to the features that they offer.  Using your phone to snap photos increases the amount of options you have. You will most notably be able to use the grid feature (iPhone) and you will have the freedom to edit your photo on your favorite editing app.

  1. Enable the Grid Feature

If you have not enabled the grid feature on your phone you are missing out! To enable this feature on an iPhone go to Settings >Photos & Camera> Grid and tap on the slider. This will help you frame your pictures and you’ll be able to apply the rule of thirds.

  1. The Rule of Thirds

In order to achieve the perfect composition in your photos you can follow the rule of thirds. With the grid feature enabled on your phone, all you need to do is place the focus of your photo on one of the grid lines or intersections. This will produce photos that are more appealing to the eye.

  1. Lighting

The best kind of lighting to have for your photos is natural light. However, if there is a lack of natural light, artificial lighting will do just fine. While taking a photo on an iPhone, tapping on a certain part of the image will switch the focus to that area. If you tap on a darker part of the photo the image will become brighter and vice versa.

*Bonus Tip: Take pictures during the Golden Hour (Approximately one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset) for the best lighting.

  1. Background

If you would like to bring focus to a particular part of the photo, then one of the best things to do is to have a simple background. Staging the photo in a natural setting or a neutral toned area will bring out the focal point. In addition, adding dimension and texture will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Remember, sometimes less is more!

  1. Edit

There are many apps out there that can be used to enhance your image. Some popular apps for photo editing and retouching include VSCO Cam, Facetune, and Camera+. If you haven’t found the perfect Instagram filter for your photos, apps like Faded allow you to create your own filter. Applying this filter to all your images will create an Instagram feed that is #goals.

Applying some or all of these techniques will enhance your photo taking skills to make sure that you get the perfect Instagram every single time.  So what happens when you love your photos so much that you want to look at them again and again? The answer is simple, use your beautiful photos to create personalized photo cases, t-shirts, and more!