Goodbye family and friends. 
My soul has taken flight. 
I'm entering the spirit world and, 
oh what a beautiful sight. 
 Had I but imagined the beauty 
and love that is here, 
I would have came more willingly, 
and of death I'd have no fear. 
 Happiness surrounds me. 
Such peace I've never known. 
I have the strongest feeling 
that I've returned back home. 
 Should you be feeling sorrow, 
don't weep too long for me. 
From earthly trials and suffering 
I am finally free. 
 Goodbye family and friends. 
But only for a while. 
Live out your lives in happiness, 
and when you think of me"テつヲ. smile.
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Smile Personalized Memorial Candle
Product Code: 164293

Smile Personalized Memorial Candle

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Common Features:

  • 3"x8" Wax Candle 
  • Unscented Candle