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Light Up Hanging Clown


Product Description

This clown definitely isn't funny anymore; just scary. The Light Up Hanging Clown is a way to ensure screams instead of laughter in your haunted house. This prop features a clown torso in a purple and orange robe with a green neck piece. Its hands are made of skeleton bones that will have your guests wondering what happened His face is worse. The face of the prop is covered in clown makeup and one half of it is cut off to reveal the underlying skull. This comes with batteries and, when on, lights up the eye and skull half of the face. The clown has really crazy hair too. Clowns are supposed to be a little crazy, but this one is overt the top.


Includes: Batteries.

Prop measures 51.2 L x 7.9 W x 72 H.

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Light Up Hanging Clown


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