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Harry Potter Womens Skirt
Product Code: 169713

Harry Potter Womens Skirt

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We have sneaking suspicion that you will love The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Womens Skirt. This magical skirt has everything you need for your next adventure. Featuring the house colors, you’ll fit right in with crowd.

Size Guide:

XSmall - Height5'5"-5'8", Max Weight 125 lbs., Max Chest 35", Max Waist 26"
Small - Height5'6"-5'8", Max Weight 120 lbs. , Max Chest 36", Max Waist 28"
Medium - Height5'8"-5'9", Max Weight 130 lbs., Max Chest 37", Max Waist 29"
Large - Height5'8"-5'9", Max Weight 145 lbs., Max Chest 40", Max Waist 32"
XLarge - Height5'8"-5'10", Max Weight 190 lbs., Max Chest 47", Max Waist 39"
2XLarge - Height5'8"-5'10", Max Weight 220 lbs. , Max Chest 50", Max Waist 44"