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5 Benefits of Reading to Your Children

September 1, 2017

Parents have the power to boost their children’s thinking, speech, and their imagination by reading to them every day. For this reason, selecting personalized storybooks which can be personalized by name, gender, hair color, skin tone and more are an excellent choice to help jumpstart your child’s desire to read. Everyone knows that reading to children is beneficial, but do you know how reading aloud actually impacts your child’s development? Below are 5 benefits of reading to children.

1. Builds a strong relationship

Toddlers often spend their time running around and playing so it is important to set aside time to read together. Reading aloud builds a relationship between child and parent and allows for valuable bonding time. Personalized storybooks are the perfect way to keep your child not only engaged but excited for story time. This leads to a higher chance of children forming positive associations with reading. 

2. Develops strong foundations for academic excellence

Higher learning aptitudes have been linked to reading at an early age. Since books have high sentence structure and are grammatically sound, reading allows children to develop a vocabulary that they are not exposed to in their everyday lives. Children will also develop logical thinking skills by grasping concepts presented in storybooks. Listening, concentration, and discipline are also practiced during story time since children settle down and listen to what is being read to them. This may not be the case at first, so it can be helpful to read personalized storybooks to your child because knowing that they are a part of the story raises their anticipation level to see when their name will show up next. Another helpful tip is to set a regularly scheduled reading session which will eventually become routine to your child.

3. Helps acquire language & speech skills

Reading aloud helps children develop and understand language. Through listening to books, children learn how words sound and how they are put together. It is also important to your child’s development to allow them to point at pictures and look at the text that is being read to them.

4. Familiarizes children with situations they may encounter

When encountering new situations, children may become nervous, shy, or reserved. Reading personalized storybooks helps children become familiarized with situations they may face such as attending preschool or even becoming a big brother or sister as they will be exposed to the events that may occur. They will also be able to see how they, as the character in the storybook, can overcome and even enjoy the occasion.

5. Encourages Creativity

Children will explore new places and meet many characters through the different personalized storybooks they have read to them. This allows them to actively use their imagination and contributes to building memory and curiosity. Your child may even grow a special connection with certain books and will want them to be read over and over again. This is normal since they are the character in the story.

Books are essential in the early development of comprehension skills in children. It is important to select storybooks that are age appropriate and strike an interest in your child.  Selecting personalized storybooks will not only ensure that your child is engaged, but they will love when they are made the stars of their very own book!

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