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Frequently Asked Questions

My Photos

Can I use Personalization Universe for storing my photos?
My photos are all in different places. Can I use them to make prints and gifts?
What file types/formats do you accept?
What is the image size and resolution you recommend for getting great prints and personalized photo products?

My Order

Can I edit my order after placing it?
I have a discount code. How do I use it?
I received the wrong product. What do I do now?
I uploaded my photos and chose a product, but am unable to proceed to check out. What do I do?
When will I receive my items?
Where is my order? I still haven’t received it.


How do you calculate shipping costs?
Image Copyright
What are your international shipping costs?
What shipping options do you offer?

Content Usage Policy

What is Content Usage Policy?


Will I be charged sales tax?