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Beautiful Day In Heaven Memorial Wood Plaque


Product Description

This tasteful personalized wood memorial plaque features the "A Beautiful Day In Heaven" poem and the words "Until we meet again..." printed in full-color and can be personalized with your loved one's name and dates. The poem reads:

A Beautiful Day In Heaven 
 Death is but a passing 
from darkness into light. 
I awakened from my sleep 
and beheld a glorious sight.

 It’s a beautiful day in Heaven.
 Love is everywhere.
 Peace and comfort surround me. 
No place on earth can compare.

 I could never begin to describe 
the wondrous things I see. 
If you could glimpse at heaven, 
you’d shed no tears for me. 

 Keep my memory in your heart. 
Time will pass and then, 
one beautiful day in heaven, 
we’ll be together again.
 ~Ron Tranmer 

 This wooden plaque is made from solid American Alder Wood and measures 7" x 9" x 3/4". Memorial plaque comes with an easel to easily display.


  • Made from solid American alder wood 
  • Includes key-holesslots on the back for hanging and a stand for sitting on a table 
  • Plaque measures: 7" x 9" x 3/4"
  • SKU: PQ13098R

Beautiful Day In Heaven Memorial Wood Plaque


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